In the aftermath of a disaster, fuel is a crucial, life-saving resource that enables first responders and aid workers to undertake search and rescue operations, provide emergency medical services and shelter, deliver food and water, heat camps, power equipment and ensure light source. As we have witnessed time and again, disasters often result in fuel shortages, leaving survivors without the means to travel to medical facilities; light, heat or cool their homes; or even feed their families.

Fuel Relief Fund fills the fuel supply gap during the early phases of a disaster when the most urgent humanitarian activities occur. Utilizing industry expertise and providing fuel distribution resources, we help re-open the fuel supply chain in disaster-affected areas, allowing relief agencies to deliver life-saving aid and enabling affected families to meet basic food and shelter needs.


Fuel Relief in 3 Basic Steps

  • Sourcing

    FRF locates the closest viable fuel source to the disaster site and utilizes our vast industry network to secure fuel.
  • Transportation

    After identifying the hardest hit areas, we arrange for safe and secure transportation of the fuel to those who need it most.
  • Distribution

    When FRF arrives on-site, fuel is donated directly to those affected by the disaster including individuals and families, first responders, hospitals, schools, orphanages, and other local facilities.
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